What is a Mermaid ponytail?

Reusable hair tie extensions, Mermaid and Unicorn ponys are synthetic hair on a hair tie, designed to recreate the mermaid holidays braids, but easier & can be worn all year round, easy enough to use at home & re use again and again 

How do i maintain my tie in ponytail?

Unicorn ponytails- can be brushed using a magic/no tears hairbrush, hold the top tight, oil can be used to reduce static                                                                      To store ponytails plait & store in a airtight container to protect the rubber bands from drying out. When the bands do turn brittle or fall off they can easily be replaced with a rubber band                                                                                       Ponys can be washed if dirty, rinse & condition & air dry                                          Dont swim or sleep in the pony's to make them last as long as possible 

Are tie in ponytails easy to use?

YES absolutely my daughter has been helping me do hair with the ponytails at markets since she was 7 years old 

There is soo much to choose, how do i decide?

It can be overwhelming, but really we have 3 lengths 12", 16" & 24" Then you just need to choose whether you want straight ( Unicorn ) or plaited ( Mermaid ) We also have bubble ponytails & pigtails 

Still confused?

12" will suit any age that can tie a ponytail, shoulder length hair or a pop of colour 16" will suit 3+ mid length hair or a pop of colour                                                     24" 5+ the holiday braid look, choose the ultra if your an adult or have thicker hair                                                                                                                       

Straight unicorns are the most popular style, but plaited mermaids are more sturdy and will last longer 


YES every collection & piece in designed by Alanna, she gets her inspiration from being a hair braider & what the Poppets request, don't fall for the poor quality imitations there is only 1 Poppet Locks®️ & our hair is an amazing quality.   

Do you have products in stock or is it drop shipped?

All our products are in stock in our Gold Coast showroom, and orders are dispatched daily, we have super fast shipping

Do you ship international

YES we send all over the world if your country isn't on our list please let us know & we can add you 

Do You wholesale?

YES we wholesale to salons, kid stores, sport clubs & braiders all over the world, email info@poppetlocks.com.au for more information