Ultra Unicorn Pony - Darkest Brown - 26”

$10.00 $25.00

26 Inch Unicorn Pony 

very darkest brown

‘The 5 minute braid’ is so easy to use, Synthetic hair comes attached to a strong hair band, simply 

  1. Tie hair into a high or low ponytail 
  2. Rap hair band around ponytail
  3. Plait or braid into your own hair, pigtails or a bun, follow our socials for tips & style inspo 

perfect for kids, adults, festival’s, sport carnivals, fancy dress, crazy hair day or just for fun! 

Material- hair is made from synthetic fibre, this pony is made to plait or braid, wearing in a pony will cause it to knot easily.

care instructions- The ultra unicorn requires a bit more care & maintenance than the original unicorn, It can be heavy for a child & will matt up easily if worn out in a pony.  If the ends get ratty after a while apply some oil or snip the ends.  If they get dirty rinse In some conditioned water & air dry.  Don’t swim or sleep in the braids to make them last as long as possible.

If your favourite colour sells out, don’t worry more is not far away!